Posted on: September 4th, 2018


Today the Matt Marchand for Mayor Campaign released a video online promoting healthy active lifestyles through trail riding and outdoor activity.

Video powered by Calum Hotchkiss.

The video, shot at Black Oaks Heritage Park, highlights the importance of a livable community to improve the life of residents and families and to attract and retain high quality, high paying jobs.

“Our campaign has been listening to you. We understand the connection between a healthy community and a healthy lifestyle. Trails are important for families to use and for athletes to train. It’s also an important amenity to attract and retain high quality jobs here in Windsor,” said Marchand.

“The Friends Of Black Oaks community understands the value of healthy active experiences within our green space. Active trail systems encourage attachment to the land. Members who are directly attached through experiences are motivated to ensure the protection of our environment. The key to a prospering community is to plan for change, adapt, and seize the opportunities that keep the community directly involved with their land. Matt Marchand is invested in creating this balance of recreation, conservation, and education for our future,” said Lindsay Cole, FOBO Team.

This video builds off the momentum of the Marchand for Mayor Campaign’s first platform piece to Make Windsor a Healthier and More Active Community and fourth platform piece to create and implement a Community Livability Fund. The Marchand for Mayor Campaign is continuing to bring business, labour, and the community together to transform Windsor with new ideas and direction.


For more information, contact:

Katie Derbyshire
Campaign Team Leader

Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant to Mayoral Candidate

Matt Marchand is running for the Mayor of the City of Windsor, focusing on Vision. Plan. Action. Marchand’s Vision includes making Windsor a more livable community by bringing people together to achieve results and unlock the potential of this City, by utilizing a Plan to listen to and seek out your input as well as ideas and concerns, culminating in Action to bring the community together to make this happen. Join the campaign at