Posted on: September 25th, 2018


Today after extensive consultation with the community, looking at best practices of other cities, and consulting with former big city mayors in Canada and the U.S., Mayoral Candidate Matt Marchand announced Windsor 2022: Framework for City-Wide Strategy on Homelessness, Opioid, and Crime with Focus on Downtown.

“The attached framework for a strategy is the result of extensive consultations, but is also an invitation for the community to add their voice, their ideas, and their recommendations. Windsor is facing an opioid and crystal meth crisis, increasing homelessness, and rising crime,” said Marchand.

Vision: It is our vision – and community goal – that by 2022 we will significantly reduce homelessness, opioid addiction, and crime in Windsor.


  1. Work with community-based organizations in Windsor, the Province of Ontario, and the federal government for predictable and sustainable funds and a strategy to invest in addressing mental health, homelessness, and addiction issues.
  2. Create and implement programs to clean up and revitalize the Downtown and provide additional resources for preventative crime measures.
  3. Establish benchmarks and metrics to measure results of Windsor 2022 every six months, continuously refining and improving the strategy.

Action: Immediately implement short-term solutions to address homelessness, addiction, and crime such as Meters for Change, Wheels of Change, Transitional Storage Lockers, neighbourbood and community improvement grants, increasing Windsor Police DIGS (Drugs and Gun Enforcement) Unit, and expanding COAST (Community Outreach and Support Team) program, among others, while working on medium- and long-term solutions. Allocate $1.5 million of up to $4 million for the Windsor 2022 strategy. Within the first 200 days, create Special Advisor to the Mayor and Council on Windsor 2022, and/or its successor.

“We must bring the community together to restore our confidence in our city. The Mayor’s office must take the lead and assume community leadership on this issue,” Marchand continued.

Windsor 2022 is separated into five key areas covering different issues the city faces:

  1. Social Solutions (Homelessness, Mental Health, Drugs, Child Poverty, Social Innovations)
  2. Infrastructure Enhancements (Transportation, Alleyways, Community Heritage)
  3. Business Building Strategy
  4. Neighbourhood Building Strategy
  5. Crime Prevention Strategies

“In order to have a healthy, livable community that attracts jobs and retains residents, we have to have a vibrant Downtown and City,” said Marchand.

Vision & Plan: We’re looking for Volunteers and Contributors to be part of new ideas and direction. Action: Sign up for more information as well as donate right on our website at

This is the seventh in a series of policy platforms and ideas to be released between now and Election Day. The Marchand for Mayor Campaign is continuing to bring business, labour, and the community together to transform Windsor with new ideas and direction.


For more information, contact:

Katie Derbyshire
Campaign Team Leader

Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant to Mayoral Candidate

Matt Marchand is running for the Mayor of the City of Windsor, focusing on Vision. Plan. Action. Marchand’s Vision includes making Windsor a more livable community by bringing people together to achieve results and unlock the potential of this City, by utilizing a Plan to listen to and seek out your input as well as ideas and concerns, culminating in Action to bring the community together to make this happen. Join the campaign at