Posted on: August 9th, 2018


Today Mayoral Candidate Matt Marchand announced as part of his platform for Mayor of the City of Windsor that he will appoint an Independent Municipal Auditor General to protect taxpayers with sweeping powers for Transparency and Accountability.

When the Marchand for Mayor Campaign began it started with making transparency and accountability a top community concern. Since then, the Marchand for Mayor Campaign has been in many consultations in the community and residents sense something is not right with City Hall transparency and processes.

Vision: Set the tone from the top and establish a culture of transparency and accountability.

Plan: Appoint an Independent Municipal Auditor General reporting to Council and the community with wide-ranging responsibilities including value for money, proper process for decision making, and purchasing by-laws and will cover all City entities such as Enwin, Adventure Bay, Windsor International Airport, land transactions, and others.

Action: Appointment to be made within first 100 days of taking office with an initial report made by the Independent Municipal Auditor General due within six months of appointment. This report will include measurable targets, timelines, and implementations scheduled, showing who is responsible and the deadline for each item.

Vision & Plan: We’re looking for Volunteers and Contributors to be part of new ideas and direction. Action: You can sign up for more information as well as donate right on our website at

“A Marchand Administration will set the tone from the top for transparency and accountability by appointing an Independent Municipal Auditor General with sweeping powers to review spending, value for money, and proper processes for procurement. Transparency begins today,” said Marchand.

“The current administration has had four years to appoint an Auditor General. Why won’t candidate Drew Dilkens appoint an Auditor General? I will appoint one with sweeping power within 100 days of taking office,” Marchand continued.

“We invite our community to suggest more examples of when an Independent Municipal Auditor General would have been or would be of value to the city,” stated Marchand.

This is the third in a series of policy platforms and ideas to be released between now and Election Day.



For more information, contact:

Katie Derbyshire
Campaign Team Leader

Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant to Mayoral Candidate

Matt Marchand is running for the Mayor of the City of Windsor, focusing on Vision. Plan. Action. Marchand’s Vision includes making Windsor a more livable community by bringing people together to achieve results and unlock the potential of this City, by utilizing a Plan to listen to and seek out your input as well as ideas and concerns, culminating in Action to bring the community together to make this happen. Join the campaign at