Posted on: July 19th, 2018


Today, Matt Marchand announced that as part of his platform for Mayor for the City of Windsor, he will support and implement a Vision, Plan, and Action to link neighbourhoods and families with safe and effective cycling infrastructure for transportation and recreation.

Vision: Recognize cycling as a form of active transportation and recreation as well as create a cultural shift of restoring a true partnership with City Hall and the cycling community.

Plan: Make outdoor activities such as cycling and trail riding a priority by linking neighbourhoods and families with safe and effective cycling infrastructure for a healthy, livable, and vibrant community.


  1. Implement a minimum of two pilot projects on separated/protected bike lanes by 2020 with community input.
  2. Openly engage the community with a commitment to solve the Dougall Ave. Corridor (a.k.a. “Dougall Death Trap”) within Marchand’s first term.
  3. Openly engage the Black Oaks Heritage Park stakeholders to create a balance between recreation, conservation, and education for the Park’s use.

“After community consultations and meetings with local businesses, residents, and user groups such as Bike Windsor Essex, Friends of Black Oaks Heritage Park, and Share the Road – Essex County, the Marchand for Mayor Campaign recognizes the need for action and transparent discussions with the pedestrian, running, and cycling communities, as valued community partners,” said Marchand.

“Proactive, healthy outdoor activities, such as walking, running, and cycling, should be encouraged. Windsor has a large athletic and recreational community and many of these individuals are forced to travel to the U.S. to cycle. We want to keep our cyclists and trail users here and encourage theirs to come over here,” Marchand continued.

This is the second in a series of policy platforms and ideas to be released between now and Election Day.



For more information, contact:

Katie Derbyshire
Campaign Team Leader

Lindsey Rivait
Executive Assistant to Mayoral Candidate

Matt Marchand is running for the Mayor of the City of Windsor, focusing on Vision. Plan. Action. Marchand’s Vision includes making Windsor a more livable community by bringing people together to achieve results and unlock the potential of this City, by utilizing a Plan to listen to and seek out your input as well as ideas and concerns, culminating in Action to bring the community together to make this happen. Join the campaign at