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Windsor 2022: Framework for City-Wide Strategy on Homelessness, Opioid, and Crime with Focus on Downtown


Vision: It is our vision – and community goal – that by 2022 we will significantly reduce homelessness, opioid addiction, and crime in Windsor.


  1. Work with community-based organizations in Windsor, the Province of Ontario, and the federal government for predictable and sustainable funds and a strategy to invest in addressing mental health, homelessness, and addiction issues.
  2. Create and implement programs to clean up and revitalize the Downtown and provide additional resources for preventative crime measures.
  3. Establish benchmarks and metrics to measure results of Windsor 2022 every six months, continuously refining and improving the strategy.

Action: Immediately implement short-term solutions to address homelessness, addiction, and crime such as Meters for Change, Wheels of Change, Transitional Storage Lockers, neighbourbood and community improvement grants, increasing Windsor Police DIGS (Drugs and Gun Enforcement) Unit, and expanding COAST (Community Outreach and Support Team) program, among others, while working on medium- and long-term solutions. Allocate $1.5 million of up to $4 million for the Windsor 2022 strategy. Within the first 200 days, create Special Advisor to the Mayor and Council on Windsor 2022, and/or its successor.

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Independent Municipal Auditor General with Sweeping Powers to Protect Taxpayers


Vision: Set the tone from the top and establish a culture of transparency and accountability.

Plan: Appoint an Independent Municipal Auditor General reporting to Council and the community with wide-ranging responsibilities including value for money, proper process for decision making, and purchasing by-laws and will cover all City entities such as Enwin, Adventure Bay, Windsor International Airport, land transactions, and others.

Action: Appointment to be made within first 100 days of taking office with an initial report made by the Independent Municipal Auditor General due within six months of appointment. This report will include measurable targets, timelines, and implementations scheduled, showing who is responsible and the deadline for each item.

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Make Windsor a Healthier and More Active Community


Vision: Recognize cycling as a form of active transportation and recreation as well as create a cultural shift of restoring a true partnership with City Hall and the cycling community.

Plan: Make outdoor activities such as cycling and trail riding a priority by linking neighbourhoods and families with safe and effective cycling infrastructure for a healthy, livable, and vibrant community.


  1. Implement a minimum of two pilot projects on separated/protected bike lanes by 2020 with community input.
  2. Openly engage the community with a commitment to solve the Dougall Ave. Corridor (a.k.a. “Dougall Death Trap”) within Marchand’s first term.
  3. Openly engage the Black Oaks Heritage Park stakeholders to create a balance between recreation, conservation, and education for the Park’s use.

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Community Livability Fund: Up to $50 Million over 10 Years


Vision: Fulfill Windsor’s economic potential by providing residents and current and future employers with a place to live that meets their needs.

Plan: Spend up to $50 million over 10 years in consultation with our community. We also need to tell our community’s story far and wide to update our perception.

Action: Create and implement the Community Livability Fund within first 200 days of taking office.

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Three-Point Plan for Fiscal Responsibility, Increased Transparency, and Accountability at City Hall


Vision: Reshape how City Hall and its affiliated companies operate to maximize fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability.


Capital projects, sports tourism initiatives, and discretionary projects will be subject to cost-benefit analysis by independent experts.

There will be due diligence for all City Hall contracts/RFPs and its affiliated companies, including financial and real estate transactions, to ensure best value for money and reliability.

The Independent Municipal Auditor General will review all Purchasing By-Laws and policies and procedures for City contracts and provide recommendations as needed.

Action: Implement new procedures within first 100 days of Independent Municipal Auditor General being in place.

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Plan for Transparency and Value for Money Audit for Enwin


Vision: Reform ENWIN.

Plan: Conduct a Value for Money Audit by the Auditor General for potential rate savings and transparency and make the findings public.

Action: Implement new procedures within first 200 days of Independent Municipal Auditor General being in place.

Additional areas to be considered by the Auditor General and the new Council for the reform of ENWIN:

  1. Establish Term Limits for ENWIN Board members and its affiliated companies. Maximum years to serve is 8 years combined.
  2. Set the tone from the top. Reduce number of ENWIN Boards from 3 to 2 for cost savings and efficiency.
  3. Board members cannot serve on multiple boards and get multiple retainers.
  4. ENWIN to report to City Council and the community in an open session every 6 months.
  5. ENWIN Agenda and Board Packages to be available online and the Annual Report will be available online, not “by request”.

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Economic Plan to Align City Spending with Community Priorities – Windsor 2022, Basement Flooding, Infrastructure, and Community Livability


Vision: Enhance the quality of life for citizens of Windsor for a more livable community by redirecting City spending to reflect community priorities.

Plan: Align Capital investment with community priorities.


  1. Items to be Eliminated, Reduced, and Reallocated to Match Community Needs: $226.75 million over 10 years (see attached backgrounder).
  2. Implement a 1% tax increase for community priorities (Windsor 2022).
  3. Accelerate implementation of the Sewer Master Plan for quicker relief of flooded basements from 10 to 6 years. There is a cost savings to doing this quicker, lessening the burden on taxpayers.

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Rotating City Council Meetings Across the City


Vision: Bring City Council closer to the people.

Plan: Initiate rotating City Council meetings, once a quarter for four meetings total per year, at different locations across the City.

Action: Implement rotating City Council meetings within the first 100 days of taking office.

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