Posted on: October 22nd, 2018


Can I count on your support today?

I wanted to check in with you this morning to thank you for your ongoing support throughout this campaign.

There are two directions for the City of Windsor. One is the current status quo. The other is my Vision and Plan, which includes you.

The current mayor is promising more of the same, he’s promising the status quo.

The status quo is not working.

What could be riskier than more of the same?

Windsor deserves better and we can get there, but I still need your help.


I wanted to bring your attention to a few items to assist you in voting today:


Where to Vote?

Enter your address at the Voting Station Locator for information on your voting location.


Getting to the Polls

If you need a ride to the voting station today, call our office at (519) 971-2824 or email and let us know your location and where your polling station is. We’ll be there!

Transit Windsor is offering free rides: simply show your Voter Notification Card to the bus driver on your way to and from voting.

Phog Lounge and MacLean’s Ales Inc teamed up to offer free rides to voting stations and $3 MacLean’s Ales.


I Did Not Receive My Voter Notification Card!

Don’t fret, you can still go to your Voting Station and see the Registration Clerk there to get set up. Make sure you bring acceptable documents for identification.


If you have further question about voting, please check the Frequently Asked Questions of Elections Windsor. We’ll also be happy to help with any other inquiries.

Thank you again and I look forward to working together on community priorities.


Let’s make history together!